(150 words) BluRay

“Hayden Christiansen!” he screamed, sitting straight up in bed.

“You are such a dorkzilla,” said his husband, now also awake.


“You had the ‘Hayden Christiansen is the new doctor’ nightmare again.”

“Damnit, that is twice this week; sorry lovey.”

“It’s all okay. I knew campy, sci-fi-related nightmares were part of this carnival ride.”

“What I don’t understand is why Prometheus didn’t give me nightmares. I mean, the whole thing makes no sense. And I wanted to hand Charlize Theron a Twinkie or some carbs through the whole film. I worry about her; being so thin isn’t healthy.”

“It’s all good, just don’t let me catch you with your pants down with Star Trek Six’s Christopher Plummer as Chang freeze-framed. That was awkward.”

“Wow. You know that was six years ago, right? Before Thor and before the original Magnum P.I. episodes were available on Blu-ray.”

“I do, but it’s delicious to terrorize you with.”