The Flavorless Kale Salad of Ultimate Despair

supernaturally dark

Seared Chicken and Autumn Vegetables

perpetual country western slow dance

Dramatically Different

Can we do it together?


Babs & The Buddha

Don’t look at me like that

Don’t give me that adorable makes-me-weak-in-the-knees Ginger Power Pout™

a matter of taste

Oh, how I hate being called ‘boy’

For Rent

Mobile Assessment

Magic Words

Sleepy Hollow

may or may not be based on real events

Blue Apron: Farrow, Brussel Sprout & Apple Slaw

There must be a story there….

Where you goin’ studly?

Clouds in my Coffee

Basketball Torture Hour

perfect red ink cursive

(150 words) BluRay


Blue Apron: Spiced Turkey & Chickpea Chili with Chermoula, Labneh & Pita Croutons

Nothing worse than an old queen with a head cold