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I don't know about ya'll, but I woke up this morning pretty shell-shocked. I hear a lot of folks touting the fact that Hillary won the popular vote. She won the popular vote by 207,000. (basically the population of Boise, Idaho) or in a more digestible # - .006% of the votes counted so far. That's hardly a victory by any standard. A majority is usually 50+1% and this figure doesn't equal a victory - it equals a tie. Let's not be poor losers to the fact that Donald Trump played the Electoral Vote game better than the Clinton Campaign. The Electoral College is a fine institution until your point of view loses. Progressives didn't give it a mind's eye when Obama was elected twice. The political will to change the system of the Electoral College doesn't exist in either major party.
The GOP, the Democrats and progressives absolutely need to own the fact that they underestimated Trump's candidacy from the beginning. We also need to hold the media firmly responsible for some of Trump's success. Bravo to Michael Moore's call to "TURN THEM OFF" .... the only way they hold sway is if we watch them and react when they tell us to. We just elected a wild-card President-Elect - and the future is completely unpredictable. ------------- I hope that this election result will create a grassroots movement to change the way Presidential politics are played - not just when a progressive holds your point of view, but when a conservative does as well. Let's take a few days or weeks after this 15 month long election and do some individual soul searching. Where could we have been more mindfully involved, financially or in-person? How can we learn to respond to politics and social issues versus setting ourselves up to be reactive? Will the clear dissatisfaction with the status quo evolve into a viable, influential third party? How do we find the compassionate path in the next four years - and the years that follow? I started this 'lift' community here on Facebook and have invited a core group that I hope will invite others they think would have a voice to contribute.