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(150 words) Echoes of War and Joy

She stood at the wall staring over the raging surf. The first frost glistened on the stones around her. She pulled the furs around her shoulder to keep the sea from catching her cold. When complete, the fortress would face the ocean wind and be a beacon to the coast. She imagined the thick stone walls would reveal themselves like a ghost in the ocean fog. The golden and red banners flew in the breeze from the spire tops. It would sing with echoes of war and joy to be heard from miles around. She emptied the bucket of water down in a torrent, causing a catastrophic and irreversible sand castle apocalypse. Jackson Pollack splatters of fresh mud struck out across the beach. Somewhere someone called her to supper. She hesitated for a moment, staring back at the waves for a moment. but then she remember they were having hot dogs.