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(150 words) Flossing

"I married Sasquatch. I'm cleaning up more of his hair than the cat," she laughed into the phone, "Yeah. Everywhere. Ev-er-y-where.......................Yes. I'm sure if hair would grow on the bottom of his feet it would be there, too......." She laughed outloud, "No, he won't manscape. leave alone wax. LOL," She squealed out another laugh in response to the person she was talking to. "what? flossing? LOL. oh.... down, dear god. I have never .... oh you are just disgusting. no I am not going to describe my sex life to you over the phone. what? no? gross. no! For the one they always called the good girl, you are disgusting. noooooooooooooooo gross. no. stop. Okay. phone call ending. nope. oh look sorry, going into the transit tunnel, losing you." She reached down and hit the end call button. The man next to her let out a long, dramatic sigh. She looked up from her phone to the bearded man sitting next to her. "Well, it was just getting fun." he said with an unapologetic, disappointed look on his face.