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(150 words) Morticia

I saw him walking into the grocery store. I hoped that looking down into the produce would keep him from seeing me.  Mike is a walking CAT5 hurricane of drama and trouble. Always has a new man of the week that he always introduces as his ‘husband’ or has lost this job because of this or that or has to move suddenly because his roommate had threatened to kill him. “Bill!” he screamed across the store, floating towards me. Before I could say hello he flashed his hand in my face, “I’m engaged!” On his hand was a very sparkly large diamond ring. At this point, the husband arrived back at our cart. “Morticia. ,” he said, acknowledging him curtly. He had a zero tolerance policy for Mike, and it immediately showed on his face. “Chuck. ," Mike replied with equal venom. There was an awkward silence and Mike excused himself to find flowers for his fiancé. “We’re going up to the river for bear weekend! Grrrr!,” he said, pawing at the air. “Here’s hoping for a big orgy in the woods!” Just as fast as he arrived, Mike was gone. “How is it nobody has dropped a house on her yet?” Chuck snarled. “I feel sorry for him.” “Morticia? Really?” “Well, her and whomever the fiancé is, if he exists. What aisle is vodka on?” “Why?” “I’ll need it to rinse the visual I have in my head of Mike naked before it ruins the word ‘orgy’ for me, forever.” “Vodka tonic, stat!” We were off to aisle three.
51iUIsmiKyL._AA160_ This post is an excerpt from my book “Brief Moments: a collection of short stories” available on in paperback & Kindle eBook.