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(150 Words) puzzle pieces

I sat in the dark listening to rain hit the skylights above the bed like Caribbean steel drums. I rolled over and sniffed deeply into the pillow, reminding myself he’d been here by smelling him on the sheets. We’d met at a party and I invited him home after. The sweetest thing happened. We just fell asleep drunk in each other's arms, like a blissful pair of puzzle pieces. That changed around 4 a.m. when he woke me with such a powerful lovemaking that I called into work sick to keep it going. We had breakfast at the diner down the street and came back here, barely making it through the door before we were naked again. We showered for an hour and a half, laughing, and continued to explore and discover parts of each other that caused shivers of joy and whimpers of “Oh please…do that again.”