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(150 words) waterfall

The clothes would probably have stood up on their own if he hadn't stripped right into the washer. The campground dust had gotten everywhere. He walked to the bathroom imagining himself leaving a cloud behind like PigPen from the Peanuts. His hair was so dry from the heat and dirt, that he could feel it crackling as he ran his hands through it. There was a fine grit of dirt on his fingernails. He smiled at the memory of almost buying the condo on the basis of this shower stall alone. A big waterfall shower with a stone shelf where he could sit for his infamous soak and thinks. It was almost meditative to touch each part of himself with the soapy sponge. He flinched a moment as the water hit him, but it quickly warmed. He wiped his arm as the fine dust turned to torrents of mud running for the drain. As fun as it was to get dirty, he'd couldn't wait to be clean.