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(150 words) Writing about Sex

“This project is really hard,” one student offered. “He said hard. Heh, heh, heh,” another responded, in his best Beavis impersonation. “Thank you, one per class, and frankly, you wasted that one,” said the professor, continuing, “Writing about sex is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do.” “Mine reads like IKEA instructions. Bill put part G in Marsha’s Part B…and I hate naming all the parts,” a student said, to understanding nods. “Well, try concentrating on how Bill and Marsha feel.” “Bill feels like a man,” offered a male student, loudly. “You’re a pig,” a woman responded. “You could both be right. Context is important to give in a sex scene. Maybe Bill is sleeping with Marsha to feel like a man. That gives you context.” “That makes Bill a pig.” “Perhaps so…but at least with context he becomes a well- conceived and believable pig.”