We celebrated our own unique independence in the dark alley away from the summer revelry. I ran his shirt up, exploring his firm muscles and curiously thick back hair. He slicked his tongue from my mouth onto the curve of my neck. Looking over his shoulder I spied a woman watching us from the street. She leaned against the drain pipe, letting out the softest sigh. The kind smile on her face told me how much she approved. I earnestly smiled back, but then shut my eyes getting lost in the little French sailor I'd met in the bar. He smelled so good. I needed him to be mine. The fireworks burst in the air and splashed shadows across the wall behind us. My hands ran down towards his butt making his pants started to loosen. Summer humidity was merging us together, and his tender whispers of 'please, please' gave me no choice in the matter.

28. July 2017