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Always more to learn

“Oh my god, you look just like Lea Michelle; it’s so pretty,” chirped the young woman on the train. “YES; I handed the stylist a picture of her from the first New York episode and said that was what I wanted, and I totally got it. Then they showed how to do my makeup like hers. And then Forever 21 is selling her Christmas coats, and voila!” She was wearing a retro-style jacket in forest green with gold bell buttons and white fur accents. “Gorgeous! Perfect!” her friend proclaimed. They looked across the aisle at the man reading his Kindle who occasionally looked over on the higher pitched points of the conversation. “What do you think?” He looked over, paused for a moment, and said, “Mary Tyler Moore rocked that look decades before Lea. Forest green was introduced by Ralph Lauren at the 1972 Holiday Fashion event. It’s gorgeous, truly, but it’s been done better before.” “Who’s Mary Tyler Moore?” they said in unison. In the most patient tone he could muster he replied,“Google her. You’ll be glad you did. Everything old is new again. If you love Lea, you’ll ADORE Mary Tyler Moore. She’s like Jackie O. on a Macy's budget.” He patiently, carefully explained, “And please," he said pausing,"don’t ask who Jackie O. is. It’s a very pretty look, but there is always more to learn."