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The man looked around the room noticing the overwhelming sameness. It was a round turret shaped room with stark white walls, white sheets, white dresser, multilayered white window dressings. Nothing in the room but the simple dresser, the bed and a ridiculously oversized floor to ceiling mirror. A silver tray stood alone on the dresser with a bottle of perfume and a set of stainless steel matching ladies grooming tools. He'd woken up in the middle of a Joan Crawford set piece instead of someone's bedroom. He was struggling to remember much of the night before. He got up and walked up mirror. He took a careful look around at his body in the mirror. "No marks, thank god," he thought to himself. He let out a little hungover groan, pulling on his jeans and the dirty t shirt he'd thrown on to go down to the bar for a quick beer.  Twelve hours later both his credit card full of 'rounds for the bar' and his head were living the reality of the night before.  Fully awake, he began to plot his escape. He opened the door to find the walls of the rest of the apartment were covered in art almost floor to ceiling, the wall behind painted in deep primary colors. It was all so different to the room he stood in, a deliberate void. He smiled looking back and forth, standing in the void of white. There was a story here for sure. He slowly made his way down the hall, admiring the different paintings and photographs. One scene was a memory from a graduation, another looked like a cast party after a show, people in some all night banquette drinking cheap beer and laughing at everything, yet another was a stunning black and white photograph of a pair of sailors draped over one another in effortless intimacy. He reached forward to touch the photo as a voice gently spoke from behind him. "You slept well, we hope?" He turned to see two men in bathrobes on a long couch drinking coffee, with the Sunday Times strewn between them. "We sorta poured you in last night." "Sorry you slept in the deprivation chamber, " the other man said, motioning towards the round room up the hall, "but it's the only spare bed we had."