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She walked down the sidewalk, barking angry orders in Chinese at the man following her. Overburdened with two rolling suitcases and matching handbag, stuffed to capacity, he shuffled along with an air of purpose. The bright screaming salmon color of all of it matches her outfit. High heels clicking on the sidewalk, she was clearly unhappy he could not keep pace with her. Her companion stopped to remember in his mind’s eye the meek, soft-skinned girl he had married. Reminiscing for a special moment how beautiful she’d been before the anger came. How she had never been in a hurry before, how she could be gentle. He caught me looking and shot me a weary, but sincere smile. Hopeful, perhaps, that if she could learn to be angry, that perhaps his dedication to her would help her find her smile again. Judging from the acidity of her mood, however, today wasn’t that day.