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a bit early this year

It is a cathedral of the senses that only reveals itself to me when I am out on my bike when the sun first pours over the horizon. I could hear the leaves dancing on the trees, the gentle gusts of the northerly pushing through the neighborhood and gently washing over me. My bike made that unique hum on the pavement, the sound of dutifully clicking out for a stop sign seeming like the only sound for miles around. I stopped for a moment, letting the sunrise strike me with a gentle warmth that is almost past description. Before departing, I took in the deepest breath, closed my eyes, and mouthed a simple soundless 'Thank you'. The magical time of year had come a bit early this year. The sunrise had been that one-of-a-kind mix of orange and periwinkle blue that could only mean one thing, AIDS LIFECYCLE season was here.