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like a blanket by the fireplace

He flipped the radio off. So much sadness in the world. The story was so sad, that even the NPR reporter was careful with his words, and admitted it was a story that was messing with his head. So many people hurt or dead in so many places, for a host of reasons. Liberty. Security. Faith. Lack of Trust. Fear. Blinding Truth. He pulled the car over, and after pulling the emergency brake, just closed his eyes. Sadness was dangerous to him, because he felt it so keenly versus everything else. He was a happy man in a good place in his life, but the power sadness has to overtake him has never gone away. He pulled the silence in like a blanket by the fireplace. "All of your troubles," he said out loud, to himself, "all of your worries, are nothing compared to what others are dealing with. nothing."