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Brave, Brave Thanksgiving Knight

The brave knight rode through the night braving the cold. His package carefully stowed away, showing fearless dedication to his mission. He arrived at the castle keep, and crossing the drawbridge, dramatically dismounted and went straight to the Queen's chambers. "Well, did you get what I asked you for," The Queen said without looking up at him, stirring the boiling pot in front of her. "Yes, your grace.," he said untying the bonds on the package he'd traveled so far to bring to her. "Haricot verts," he said triumphantly and then bowed in reverence. "You know. For such a strong boy, you are an idiot. I specifically asked for lima beans. LIMA beans. I guess I'll just have to do since the BigMart is now closed. go play ExBox with your brother."       "For the record," he said, interrupting his brother's retelling fantasy like pulling a record needle off in the middle of a song, "My mother is not that much of a bully. He's exaggerating, and as for the salad, and we've only been having LIMA bean salad on Thanksgiving since we were 5 years old. Of course, until this year, when Sir Bangs-a-lot here got green beans instead." "You were always mother's favorite.," the brave brother night said through a pout. "You're my brave knight, anyhow," I said, ruffling his hair, and winking at his brother.