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The Call of the Wild

"You know in the old west, they'd cook on the campfire and sleep by it all night. It was the center of their social circle. Wouldn't it be fun to be with all our friends in such a purposeful way, with the stars above and all?," he said, gazing into the flames in the the fireplace, "I mean in those old museum western Remington paintings? The guys all seemed to enjoy it so much." "You mean, recreate the wagon train? Actually, go camping?", his partner asked. "Get dirty? oh no no no no no no. No - I mean - sit around a fireplace, ooooh one of those cute ones we saw at the home show with all the colored glass beads and the round circle of flame in the iron tub? they were super cute... and maybe a nice tray for s'mores. and some mint cocoa with petite marshmallows. Go outside? where there are bugs? No we won't be doing that. oh you are the cute one." They both stared back into the fireplace. "Camping. Outside?," he continued with a chuckle, "the very thought. oh dear Goddess. no."