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Can we do it together?

I am not sure how long it had been going on. All the signs were there in front of me. He had lost his job at Christmas and it was taking a toll. It started with mumbling in the grocery store. Then at Target he started fidgeting, sweating. We got home and I gently asked, “So how long have you been doing this?” The pain shown in his eyes as he whimpered, “I tried not to.” “I know how hard it is. And once you start…. You remember how bad it got in 94 when I was home sick. You know I understand.” “I need an intervention. Can we do it together?” “Sure,” I said gently. We walked into the living room and I picked up the remote. “Do you want to do it yourself?” “I am going to miss the showcases.” He took the remote, navigating to parental controls, and added ‘The Price is Right’ to the blocked shows list.