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"He's so hairy he should be wearing a full body hair net. I think he should have to manscape before before working over food." "I thought you liked hairy guys?" "I do.... But look at him , he looks like a chia pet he's so furry. I'd better not get a curly chiapube in my tuna special." "First, we'd have to see way more of him for curlypubes to end up in our entrees. Second, if he wanted to cook naked, who are we to judge?" "The health department might disagree." "Don't get all reality on me, Let me enjoy my Chia Chef naked cooking fantasy," They both looked on as the chef continued in the kitchen. The Chef wiped his forehead with a towel. "I wonder if he'd wring that towel out and make a vinaigrette with his manly chefsweat." "Okay now you're just being gross." "Or perhaps a sweaty hairball marinade." "You are so not well." "I know."