deaer john
DEAR JOHN, "These letters have gotten a LOT more complicated than they used to be.", she thought to herself, letting the Johnny Walker work it's magic on her tongue. -“It’s not you - it’s me”- nope - it is all about him
-"I want different things now"- like a solid witness protection program -"I've grown and well...."- you haven't. -“this isn’t the relationship I wanted.”- duh. too simple. -"i really need some space"- several thousand miles of it. buh bye, no. -"who in the hell taught you to kiss?"- wow harsh. but it was more like experiencing slimy mouth-to-mouth resuscitation than kissing. really. gross. wierd. where does someone learn tha... -"i just can't see myself married to you."- leave alone in the same room. -"i'll leave the ring at your mothers"- because we both know that's where you'll run crying like a little bitch -"at least I'll save money on all the drinking, I've been doing"- she laughed out loud at that one and took another glorious sip of her triple manhattan.
13. November 2017