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Don't look at me like that

The dog could remember the frisbee in the park, the cuddling, the extra treats when her Daddy wasn’t watching, how he’d get down in the ray of sunlight with her and take afternoon naps, making her feel special. It wasn’t like Daddy didn’t do those things and more, she slept in bed up against Daddy’s chest every night. But, gosh, it was nice to have two Daddies. She had been spoiled. “Don’t look at me like that, he wasn’t good for us,” he said, turning to the pouting dog in the passenger seat, “he just wasn’t good for us, and he proved that multiple times.” She looked up at the tears in his eyes. As the car pulled up at the next stop, she gave his hand on the gear shift a ‘it’ll be okay Daddy’ lick. He reached out and rubbed her head and mumbled, “I know baby, I know.”