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Dramatically Different

"Dramatically different, honey, you look dramatically different," he chuckled to himself in the mirror as he applied moisturizer. He put fixer in his hair and made quick work of it with the brush. He picked up the cologne bottle spritzing into the air and dipping is face and neck into the mist. Walking into the closet he went right for the gift section. So many shirts that would see one party or that hosted brunch where the gift giver was sure to notice. He couldn't help it if he was picky. "Now which shirt was the birthday gift?", he said to himself, sifting through the hangers like a rolodex. He picked up a green plaid, pairing it with a pair of tweed trousers. As he tied his shoelaces, he had that gross unsure feeling in his gut, like the last day of summer camp as a kid. Tucking the affordable, but classically beautiful ring into his pocket, he went to meet him for dinner.