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“God, this is depressing,” he thought to himself. He sat at his desk, poking a kale salad around a plate with his fork. The store clerk sold it hard, it was their ‘New Kale Superfood Salad Special.’ Not even some feta or goat cheese. Just kale, raisins and red onions. It looked more like ‘Punish Yourself by Eating the Flavorless Kale Salad of Ultimate Despair!’  He began to resent it. “Stop it, you’re being a food snob,” his inner voice suggested. He’d thought about other choices – greasy burgers, Dagwood sandwiches, the always dependable chicken strips. But he was trying to lose weight and had a new year’s resolution to not only pay for a gym membership, but go occasionally. “Think about how you are going to look in a swimsuit on deck for your Hawaii cruise in April. You’re going to be a walking bear god.” his inner voice said, perhaps a bit too supportively. “I hate you,” he muttered to himself, under his breath, begrudgingly settling in to eat the kale salad.