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Glitter Bomb

“How could I have known she’d start crying and scream ‘rape’?” “You have anger issues. ‘Hate the sin, love the sinner’ is what they say, right? Why decide to take out your anger with the Salvation Army on that poor woman?” “Oh, you. Fuck that ‘live and let live’ crap. To say that she doesn’t know about the organization she represents is naive. You’re so eager to see the good in people, people like that have none.” “Looks like what they need is a primer on “Fags are going to be angry; ten helpful tips to keep a glitter bomb from ruining your volunteer shift.” “The glitter was an improvement.” “Having to come get you from county isn’t all that convenient.” “They’re an army, and I’m here to fight them. Sorry if my refusing to let my human rights be trampled on inconvenience you.” “Oh simmer down, Muriel. I’m always here for you. You should have known that when she started crying after being glitter bombed it was going to go south. I’m sorry they had you arrested.” “I thought she was crying about her Christmas sweater; it was tragic.” “Human rights activist, slave to fashion?” “You know me too well, darling.”