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Hello, my name is....

He sat on the 24 bus heading to the Castro, fumbling with note cards in his hand. He'd been asked to speak. He always knew the day would come where he could share his experiences with others and contribute back to the community that had given him so much. What was he nervous about? These were his friends and some of them had become extremely close ones. He knew, despite his fear of public speaking, that this was a safe place to do so. The bus leaned to a stop and he walked up to Our Lady of the Castro. He stared up at the white building and its black iron gates. Letting out a sigh, he went in. Of course, it was hugs all around and grabbing a quick sugar cookie rush from the treats table. Everyone finally settled down and took their seats and he found himself in front of everyone. Gosh there were a lot of people. Let's get his over with, he thought to himself. "Hi, my name is Bob, " he said sheepishly into the tinny microphone, "And I say fuck too much." "Fuck you, Bob!" the crowd enthusiastically responded. and the evening began.