holding hands

“I’m sorry…I guess I’m just nervous. I’ve never been taken home to meet someone’s parents before, let alone conservative parents who come with a pre-prepared list of forbidden conversation topics.” “Well, those are for your safety, not theirs. My family is very passionate about being on the wrong side of history in every situation. This is just my annual holiday appearance, and we barely got away with you not coming last year.” “I don’t get the far-right, fundy, anti-everything mindset that says to their gay son, ‘and we must meet your boyfriend.’ I mean it seems counterintuitive to the rest of their world view.” “Even if I am not going to heaven, they want me to be happy,” he said, chuckling sarcastically, ”I gave up trying to figure it out a long time ago.” They drove along for a while quietly. “Now remember, we met at a party.” “Honey, stop. I know the script. Like I’m going to tell your Mom we met on asspig.com. I mean, give me just a little credit.”

31. August 2017