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"What if Broadway went the way of movies and started recreating classic musicals as stories about zombies? Imagine it. "South Pacific ZOMBIES"," he said as he began to sing, " 'There ain't nothin' like some brains, nothing in the world.' or 'I'm gonna wash those brains right out of my hair, and send them on their waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay? or Seven Brides for Seven Zombies? Or The Sound of Zombies"? or "Camelot vs. Zombies"? or version of "Meet Me In St. Louis" only Judy Garland faces a zombie breakout at the 1904 World's Fair?" or...." His husband slid the bowl of candy away, picked it up and headed towards the door. "What I think is.... perhaps you've had enough candy corn, and we should get ready for trick or treaters." "You know all these show ideas of mine would be huge blockbusters!?", he said calling after him in protest. "Yes, Dear."