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For each day in March 2016, I'll be writing these 150 word essays based on a sentence provided by a Facebook or Google+ follower of my little essay-lettes. Today's is from Ed McLaurin in Nashville who writes, simply: "Your quest for the perfect cup of coffee" - - - - - - - - - He sat down at his perch. It wasn't his name for it, but the name the regulars at the coffee shop had given it. You could people watch and cruise from here like no other location. Today the parade of beardage and otterage was in rare form. Adventurous Coffee was few blocks off the main drag - not labeled with a big corporate sign. The hike down into the neighborhood was always worth it. They had no flavor bottles behind the counter in raspberry or (gasp of horror) coconut. No coffee here required it. Even when they added chocolate it was pure and non-commercial. He had once described finding a great cup of coffee as an urban Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Golden Latte of Truth. You might laugh at that title, but the first sip of his morning fix and the sigh of contentment convinced us that the truth was real.