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Kiss a few frogs before...

"So we had a nice dinner out together before the movie, at that noodle place on 14th?" "Oh that is a good one!" "And as always the sing along Grease was a scream." "Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! Tell me more, tell me more Was it love at first sight?" he sang in a horrible high pitched wail. "Well it was all going great till we get to the bar and we have a beer." "Oh no. drama? Oh honey..." "yeah - there were no other clues. no swooning. no closeness. no attempts at handholding at the movie. Not a drop of romantic chemistry at all. I'm literally mid-sip and he winks and says 'I can't wait to fuck you.' - - I literally spit beer." "I'm guessing he didn't take the news well." "I was very nice about it - but even if it had been a date, I don't usually go there on the first date, anyhow. he literally said, you think I spend this much time with someone I don't know if I don't expect to fuck them at the end of the night? and says, fine, I'll just go home, grab my trick bag, and head to the baths and stick my dick in someone who will appreciate it. and walks out of the bar." "Charming."