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“So, on our second date he asks for monogamy. Isn’t that romantic?” “I guess so. So when will you tell him that is not you?” “What do you mean?” “Don’t play all blushing bride with me, Blanche. This is me you’re talking to. The one whose guest room was a trick palace for you when you were with your ex? If I recall, that relationship was romantic and monogamous as well.” “Now that is not fair.” “Love and romance are rarely fair, but I think you’d have more successful relationships if you were more honest about your inability to be monogamous.  I think the way gays can do that without it being a pious morality war is one of the best parts of being a homo. But, honesty is not determined by who you sleep with.” “But he might not want to date me if I won’t be monogamous.” “Are you listening to yourself?”