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Lunch in my mind with SBG

My mind is a scary place. No - it's not 'state the obvious' day again. (hands on hips) It is just that with an alarming regularity my mind, more specifically my subconscious has hired a guest host. I rarely remember dreams, but these dreams I can remember clearly, what was discussed, what we ate, what we were wearing. I call this Lunch in my Mind with SBG. SBG being short for Subconscious Barry Gibb. That's right, the avatar of my inner most mind is the leader of the BeeGees. The dreams happen like I'm recalling a lunch date, like BG and I had lunch regularly like SBG and I do. Sometimes the lunch is in a diner over meatloaf, other times we splurge and do a nice sit down with cloth napkins. We talk about everything - the job, the husband (whom even SBG thinks is adorable), we discuss what it was like to sing a duet with Barbara Streisand and his friendship with Michael Jackson. He always generously pays the bill and off we go - perhaps back into our own subconscious.