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"That was the hubby," he said setting the phone down on the table, "Just reminding me that we wanted to nap before the dyke march tonight."
"Wow, you guys are so romantic - you guys wait to nap together?" "Oh - well, it is romantic but not how you think. It's a code word. He's a horndog - needs to get it on all the time, but saying instead if saying "sorry we need to go home and fuck", we say nap. Which is an acronym for needy anal penetration! Cute, huh!? So we can get away from his sister's by saying "we're tired we're going to get a n.a.p. in before theater so we need to get going" or at work he can say "I just layed down for while but ended up n.a.p.-ing all afternoon on Saturday" - and well, it is his cute thing." "It's even more romantic than I are soooo lucky." "I know. oooh the bus is here in two , gotta jet. Happy pride kisses! Mwha!"