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National Geographic

“I always thought about how hot it would be, to be the single bottom boy on Viking ships. All those swarthy husky blonde bruisers coming to me for their Viking needs.” “Ya know – you are like a National Geographic Special for Bottoms. You amaze me!” “Every great civilization had great use for bottom men, the Greeks, The Prussians, OH the Turks, oh Turkish men know how to treat a good bottom. Butt (see what I did there?) I digress…. Most people store useless historical knowledge – I store away useless knowledge I can actually put to use. ” “How exactly is knowing that Vikings used to take one total bottom slut boy on each of their voyages useful information?” “Ever posted a Viking Orgy ad on Menslist? You would not BELIEVE IT. There are a lot of guys out there that totally get off on that.” “Wow. That’s a veritable tsunami of disturbing images and T.M.I.” “Right?!”