A few dvds, a pair of earphones, and some neatly folded tshirts and underwear sat there. Every night when I came home the small box of stuff taunted me, reminding me of all of it. He had changed his Facebook profile to read "engaged to" - so absolutely sure he knew all the answers. He'd posted photos for all our friends to see of the engagement ring.

You always read about fairytale proposals. You daydream of how you might answer when that special moment comes. You imagine yourself at city hall in matching suits. "What do you mean, what? Seriously? I don't understand?," he said, instantly seething and visibly outraged, "Did the community fight for marriage equality for no reason? We can GET married!" I figured saying "no, thats not what I want." was enough. We sat in a punishing silence before he simply got up and left my flat.
11. September 2017