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“You look like shit.” “Yehp, I got your code. I fehl like death.” “Oh honey, I’m so sorry. Did you find the lozenges and everything? Can I make some tea?” “Meh head is full and I can’t taste anything.” “Well did you at least try to eat…oh, sweety.” “You know meh when I’m sick. Sorry sack of crap.” “But you’re an adorable sack of crap.” “Very funny. Remember who brought this code into the house.” “It’s fall; colds happen.” “That’s not helping.” “Oh my poor baby,” he said, pouring on the dramatic tone. ”Can I pour you a bubble bath? How about that tea?” “That’s better. Turn the tea into a strong gin and tonic, and we’re good.” “Gin and tonic for dinner?” “With a Nyquil chaser.” “That’s a recipe for a hot Friday night!” “Do I know how to turn you on or what?” “Let’s get this party started!”