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One day you are in, the next day.....

this morning in my local Peet's... I got my medium in a large, because there really can't be enough half and half. I'm headed over to get the cream - and watched a cute young employee clean up the cream station. He's obviously a fresh new college student type, with the almost-a-goatee and the earring thing going on. I patiently waited for him to finish cleaning up. He grabbed the whole milk and someone had left the top off of it - so when he picked it up - it tipped and splashed all over the sugar and cream station. He stopped; and was just speechless for a moment; looking back at the other baristas with a 'oh hell, what do I do now?" look on his face. "You must be an art major, this is very Pollack!" I said to him motioning to the splatter pattern. "Well, I've been trying different mediums. Whole Milk seems to have the best form so far." he said without missing a beat. "Have you considered some sugar for a bit of sparkle? - then a layer of ground cinnamon?" I said, waving my hands and doing my best Tim Gunn from Project Runway impression, "to give it some texture - some (pause for thought, hands at my chin)..... wow factor." The other baristas watching at this point are laughing and watching the conversation continue. then the lady behind me waiting for her latte takes out her cellphone and takes a picture, saying that she likes to buy art and encourages new talent. and his Whole Milk splatter could be the new rage, and her people would call his people. I stepped in, added my half and half as the new employee re-appeared with a rag. "Make it work!" I said as I put the cap on my coffee and got out of his way so he could clean up. and the other baristas chimed in with - "In coffee houses - one day you are in - the next day you are out."