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satisfied smile

The ignition switched on - and the address was entered in the GPS. "Turn right onto third avenue for 1.2 miles," chirped the GPS voice.
The car sped out of the driveway turning left. "recalculating, in 400 feet turn left on Oak Avenue." The driver stopped at Oak Avenue and turned right. "recalculating. in .4 miles turn right on California Avenue." The drive stopped at California Avenue, then made two consecutive lefts. "Turn right on California Avenue." The driver turned left again. "You are beginning to piss me off, now," said the GPS. The drive then turned on to a major freeway on ramp to travel the opposite direction of the entered address. "What are you doing? the entered address of 1342 Vermont Avenue in Mountain View is the other way. Do you have a learning disability?" The car accelerated ignoring exits. "That is the third uturn you've missed, Asshole. Why am I bothering?" The car suddenly cut across several lanes, exited and drove back to it's original location. "You're an asshole you know that? - you did this just to tease me. I ought to-----" The driver shut off the new GPS with a satisfied smile.