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What was she doing there? She sat in the classroom, somewhere she hadn’t visited since her twenties, which is roughly what she guessed was the average age of the other students in the room. They all sat in front of spinning wheels. When they were together, he had seen beauty everywhere, art where she saw graffiti, faith where she saw stubbornness. They dated a couple more times before she gently let it go. Damn it, though, she thought about the disconnect for months after. She looked around her life and started to not-so-gently question it all. That brought her to today in the art studio and the lump of red clay in front of her. “What would HE have seen? What beautiful details would HE have found in the clay? Why does what HE saw in the world matter so much?” she thought. She gently started the wheel in motion, tongue out, letting out a determined sigh, deciding to finally find out for herself.