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Someone Who Listens

Today is week 1 of the '150-Words-A-Week Club' - using a "muse" photo as a jumping off point - writers are writing a 150-300 word post about whatever comes to mind. :) This photo is this week's photo. Come see what other folks are writing about at
This is my submission for the week:       SOMEONE WHO LISTENS "So, d'ya hear someone moved into the old Smith place?," she asked looking up from her coffee. "One of the kids finally decided -" "Dolores always had such great kids,...," "One of 'em was the track star, right? and the other some kind of professor, eh?" "Oh yeah, and gay, so sad." "I thought gay meant happy." "Gay as in Adam and Steve." "oh......oh dear." "I wonder if their father being gone so much was to blame?" "Wonder what a pair of gays from Manhattan 'd be up to here in Goat Hill." "What could gays possibly want here?" "Peace and quiet like the rest of us probably." "So will we have one of those gay pride parades in the park then? I love parades." "Oh I don't think the town is ready for that. Gays in Goat Hill, what is this world coming to?" The waiter abruptly interrupted. "So - let me review - french toast, a bagel sandwich with fruit no banana, basic egg breakfast with sausage patties and extra crispy hash browns and the oatmeal with dates, walnuts and brown sugar? Coffee for everyone and an orange juice and a grapefruit?" "Yes, that's great dear. Good to have someone here that knows how to listen." "Speaking of that? I'm Dolores's boy, Mike," replied the waiter, calmly, "Me and Mitch bought the Little Goat." He paused to wave at the man setting plates in the window, who enthusiastically waved back. "I hope you ladies enjoy your meal."