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I love being awake for sunrise. The trees silhouetted against a creamsickle orange sky. The best part is the stillness and the quiet. As the sun peaks over the horizon it almost as if you can hear the world let out a sigh of relief. The first rays strike the treetops as a raccoon scurries away to its daytime lair. A determined jogger heavy breaths his way down the street. The tin notes from his earphones being first to break the silence. The dog comes to me on the patio, finding me stretched out on the yoga mat. She greets me with that combination of "oh my gosh it is great to see you" and "I am starving, Let me lead you to the food." As I get up and head inside the birds start singing joypusly. They are like a group of housewives having coffee after actively holding in the latest gossip during a Sunday sermon.