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Tankyou, Unka

The young girl examined the vegetables. Being shorter, she felt most attached to the carrot on the bottom. She didn't realize she'd bring the whole display down upon her, resulting in a falling cascade of carrots, pelting her. She was about to erupt in tears when he seemed to appear out of nowhere. He knelt down whispering comfort in her ear. She hugged him tight, managing a little smile, as he picked the carrots up from around her feet. "Tank you, Unka." she said in the softest young person speak, still a little ruffled by the situation.. He picked her up and showed her the rest of the vegetable section. He spoke in the calmest gentle voice. "Mr. Celery, and Mr. Bell Pepper, Miss Eggplant. oh, and Mr. Broccoli. We love Mr. Broccoli, huh? Mr. Basil, Ms. Ginger Root.......", he continued with her down the aisle.  
In today's world full of people pushing and shoving their way to everything, gentleness can be incredibly difficult. It is always worth it.