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There must be a story there....

“Are you Jack?,” she asked me suddenly. Looking up from my cell phone, I matched eyes with a beautiful woman in her forties. “No, sorry,” I said. “Oh,” she replied, “well…. you have a kind face.” She then looked away and continued to walk down the block. I walked into the coffee shop and ordered, and the barista said, “I see you met Jack’s girlfriend.” “Well, she asked if I was Jack. How does that work? His girlfriend?” “I’ve worked here 12 years, and she is here from 7:40 to 8:15 every morning asking any guy with a beard if he’s Jack. She has been here every morning like clockwork. It was weird, but once we figured out she was harmless, incredibly sad.” “There must be quite a story there.” “Yeah, a heartbreaking, soul destroying one. I’m not sure I need to know…here’s your triple cap,” he said