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Who is he?

He was at the Christmas party and as first impressions go, he was so unironed. He had a five-day beard, his face framed by a pair of simple wire glasses, blonde hair in an unkempt tussle. He looked like he’d purposefully crumpled himself over in the corner. He sat cross-legged in a window seat looking out over the sparkling city below, taking occasional glances at the others at the party. I imagined him excitedly sharing poetry over a pot of tea in a cuddly corner, hands caressing a leather-bound book he’d found after several hours hunting in a bookstore on a rainy winter day. I imagined him leaving handmade origami next to my keys at the front door when he leaves for the day. I shyly asked the host what his story was, and with a warm smile, peering with me across the living room, she said, “You’ll just have to find out for yourself.”  
51iUIsmiKyL._AA160_ This post is an excerpt from my book “Brief Moments: a collection of short stories” available on in paperback & Kindle eBook.