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Reimagine the womb as this rocking New York high rise apartment. Lots of space, unlimited food. Two men having these long conversations together. They'd play invented games and speak their own personal language. They'd become so synchronized their hearts would beat at the same moment.

After nearly nine months of hanging out without a care in the world, one of the twins suddenly announced he was going to leave the womb to get fresh air. It never occurred to him to do so until that very moment, but it seemed like the natural thing to do. He got up and put on his coat, and cap and scarf - and he simply stepped out the front door.

The other twin had barely noticed - he looked up as the door shut. "So this is alone," he thought to himself, "Huh." He sat on the sofa a bit stunned. He had never before considered that the world could ever exist without the other being there. He let out a sigh and returned to reading his magazine, flipping on the stereo to some jazz. Eddie Harris. Ornette Coleman.

After a while, he went into the kitchen to finish some leftover deli sandwiches from the fridge. He'd fidget a little and listen to the radio for a while.... and then, worried about what his twin was up to - he'd simply let out a big sigh - before putting on his coat, cap and scarf in exactly the same fashion his brother had done before him just twelve minutes earlier.

He would stand in the doorway for a moment looking at the apartment, smile, then turn looking out in the daylight and in a very 1960s sitcom buddy comedy way, he'd say -

"Okay - - - I don't know what's out there but I'm coming to." leaving, and gently closing the door behind him for good.