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"Today will be fool of awbsome", he said somberly. "Today will be full of awesome, mon spécial," Celeste affirmed. "I donna understand why I can be with you unstead," he softly protested.
"it's time for new adventures for both of us - you, " she said. She straightened the primary school name tag. She leaned into his hoody and traded a nose kiss. "...and for Mommy...." "I will miff you." "Oh lovey, I will be back after and you can tell me everything. New people and things. Sammies and juicyboxes?" "and you go to the .... work," he said. He still wasn't very clear on what the word actually meant, he was also sure that an afternoon's lunch felt an eternity away. "Oui, Mommy gets to go back her studio and do her work." "I will miff you.", he said, resisting. He was piling on as much charm as is possible from a five-year-old. He pushed his small fists up against her hands as she straightened his hood. She softly sighed in a magical and wistful way he'd remember the rest of his life. "I just can't keep you all to myself anymore. You have too much beauty for me to keep it all to myself. You are growing up and need to know things Mommy can't teach you." He fell silent. She allowed herself one more moment to be lost in the marbled hazel of his eyes.
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