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breifmoments3Brief Moments:
A collection of short stories

amazon-buy-button_2Brief Moments beautifully captures those fleeting thoughts and interactions that, through time, become the narrative of a life. Using an economy of words, each vignette grants the reader’s own imagination the permission to fill in the details. Each story resonates with its insight and crisp depictions of authentic characters, situations and scenes.





10530717_10152521914104140_5160560156815695086_nTaste of Honey: An Anthology


A new collection of bear romance stories – this new anthology will include Robert McDiarmid’s hilarious short story “THE DO IT YOURSELF GUIDE TO GETTING OVER YOURSELF.” Dreamspinner Press has been an international publisher of quality gay romantic fiction since 2007.






The House of Wolves by Bob McDiarmidThe House of Wolves

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Enveloped by the native spirits of the Pacific Northwest, Roy Wallace and David Moreau s newfound relationship begins. David soon introduces Roy to the House of Wolves, a community of gay men where honor, companionship, spirituality, erotic desire and brotherhood guide the way. Each man living in the house represents a totem from the spirit world, and each one has committed himself to finding a unique path in life. Having lost their visionary founder to AIDS, the household has been faltering and losing faith in the dreams that brought them together. Energized by his new relationship with Roy, David takes the final steps for the brotherhood to grieve for the past while striving for an incredible new future. The men of the House of Wolves soon come to realize that this new future demands sacrifice and strength. Mystical spirits wait down forest paths as the rituals and traditions of the household are revealed. Everyone the living and dead are forced to confront their fears and their faith in order to embrace the extraordinary in their lives.

The House of Wolves is a vivid amalgam of elements: body hair and beards, pipe smoke and man-musk, the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, the richness of Native American culture. Robert McDiarmid’s evocative novel beautifully intertwines the erotic, the romantic, and the spiritual, and it depicts homomasculinity at its best: lusty, strong, compassionate, and kind. –Jeff Mann, Lambda Literary Award-winner, A History of Barbed Wire