(150 words) silence

(150 Words) Shostakovich

(Cooking) The many faces of quinoa

(150 words) What they want to see

(150 words) I can’t date who you used to be…..

(150 words) Wedding Day

(150 words) Writing about Sex

(150 words) Morticia

(150 words) Mickey Mouse Club

(150 words) that usually follows….

(150 words) Sleeping Beauty

(150 words) Flossing

(150 words) Echoes of War and Joy

(Remembrance) I saw the entire sky ‘powdered with stars’

(150 words) Friendship over in 5…. 4….. 3…..

(Cooking) Oaxacan Chocolate Coffee

(150 words) Suffocating Justin Beiber

(150 words) Only One

(Adventures) Raj Routines

(Cooking) Fig and Garlic Gnocchi over Spinach Greens

(Cooking) Homemade Fish Sandwich with Slaw

(150 words) You Smell Really Good

(150 Words) The Gardener

(150 words) delivery

(150 words) purposefully crumpled

(Short Fiction) Meeting George

(Cooking) Slow Cooker Curried Pork Shoulder

(150 words) not for the weak

(150 words) (NSFW) The Fagat Guide

(150 words) Eat Fresh, but not too fresh

(150 words) cadence

(150 words) Eeyoreism

(Cooking) Poke Ahi Bowl

(150 words) waterfall

(Cooking) Cupcake Quiches

(150 words) mine alone

(150 words) The L Word

(Cooking) Breaded Tilapia & Homemade Tartar Sauce

(150 words) We’ve got a poop problem!

(150 words) a close, intimate friend


a bit early this year


Against the Glass

Absolute Clarity


Lumpy Juicy


Searching for Orion

red circle




Who is Robert McDiarmid?