when the zombie apocalypse does come

amongst peers

Lunch in my mind with SBG

Bob’s Mole Style Stewed Chicken

‘a moment of sudden revelation or insight’



The Hindenburg mated with a red throw rug

Madame Defarge


National Geographic



“I’m through with men and all they meant to me!”

The Good Shepherd

Glitter Bomb

don’t make grandpa come over the counter and kill you

satisfied smile

Explain that to your burned crotch


Brave, Brave Thanksgiving Knight

Miranda! Miranda! Miranda!

Who is he?

Raspberry Meringue Cookies with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts

Wunda Bred, 2014 Senior Caucasian Rapper of the Year

like a blanket by the fireplace

all malice and worry, now away

The Whore Flu

they’re there

Darth Vader Kill Voice vs. Indifferent Cycling Spawn

crimson leaves

Bob’s Kitchen Video #1: Parmesan Chicken

I’m gonna wash those brains right outta my hair….

The Flavorless Kale Salad of Ultimate Despair

supernaturally dark

Seared Chicken and Autumn Vegetables

perpetual country western slow dance

Dramatically Different

Can we do it together?


Babs & The Buddha

Don’t look at me like that

Don’t give me that adorable makes-me-weak-in-the-knees Ginger Power Pout™

a matter of taste

Oh, how I hate being called ‘boy’

For Rent

Mobile Assessment

Magic Words

Sleepy Hollow

may or may not be based on real events

Blue Apron: Farrow, Brussel Sprout & Apple Slaw

There must be a story there….

Where you goin’ studly?

Clouds in my Coffee

Basketball Torture Hour

perfect red ink cursive

(150 words) BluRay


Blue Apron: Spiced Turkey & Chickpea Chili with Chermoula, Labneh & Pita Croutons

Nothing worse than an old queen with a head cold

Blue Apron

Always more to learn

never underestimate the long lasting effects of the lesbimullet

(150 words) A Shitload of Purple

(150 words) “Straight” Acting

(150 words) Grrrl!

(150 Words) puzzle pieces

(Cooking) Moonblush Tomato Pasta Sauce

(150 Words) The Royal Donut Shop

(150 words) less than three seconds

(150 words) in time

(150 words) making you understand

(150 words) silence

(150 Words) Shostakovich

(Cooking) The many faces of quinoa

(150 words) What they want to see

(150 words) I can’t date who you used to be…..

(150 words) Wedding Day

(150 words) Writing about Sex

(150 words) Morticia

(150 words) Mickey Mouse Club

(150 words) that usually follows….

(150 words) Sleeping Beauty

(150 words) Flossing

(150 words) Echoes of War and Joy

(Remembrance) I saw the entire sky ‘powdered with stars’

(150 words) Friendship over in 5…. 4….. 3…..

(Cooking) Oaxacan Chocolate Coffee

(150 words) Suffocating Justin Beiber

(150 words) Only One

(Adventures) Raj Routines

(Cooking) Fig and Garlic Gnocchi over Spinach Greens

(Cooking) Homemade Fish Sandwich with Slaw

(150 words) You Smell Really Good

(150 Words) The Gardener

(150 words) delivery

(150 words) purposefully crumpled

(Short Fiction) Meeting George

(Cooking) Slow Cooker Curried Pork Shoulder

(150 words) not for the weak