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Tarragon Butter

1 stick butter
1 bushel of fresh tarragon, rough chopped
1 tablespoon of finely diced garlic

melt the butter over medium heat, then add the tarragon and garlic and saute until fragrant - then remove from the heat. Best part of this trick is you could make this batch, then put it in a jar in the fridge and it'll keep for several days.


4 carrots run through a mandolin or thinly sliced
1/2 of your tarragon butter from above
2 tablespoons honey

Bring the butter up to bubbling then turn the heat in the pan down to medium low, saute the carrots in the butter then drizzle the pan with two tablespoons of honey. Set the carrots aside.


Debone your snapper filets and liberally dust them with fine ground black pepper - add the rest of your tarragon butter to the pan you cooked the carrots in - and cook the snapper turning the heat up to medium-high. 4 minutes per side - then set the fish aside on a plate under tin foil

Finishing the Pasta

the fresh pasta cooks up in about 4 minutes - so you can start that after you flip the snapper.

Drain it carefully - because you are about to add the pasta to the hot butter that you just cooked the fish in - bring the heat up till the pan sizzles with the pasta - and add the carrots back to the pan and toss to make sure carrots and pasta are coated in the butter sauce.

Plate up and top with the pan fried snapper filets.


honey glazed carrotsfinished pasta