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f i b e r l i s c i o u s


"Fiberliscious?," he said tapping the shopping list.

"Fiberliscious." he said matter-of-factly, "The name brand gives me gas so I get the more expensive Fiberliscious."

"Can you tell a big difference?"

"It's not like I drink a fiber supplement drink because it's delicious. Like I'm going to trade out mimosas for delicious orange flavored Fiberlicious. Even champagne nor vodka could turn it into a pleasurable drinking experience. I just care than I'm not turning meetings in the conference room at work into a cruel smelloriffic chamber of horrors. They are betting you'll buy their space age TANG style drink with mystery mulch in exchange for trips to the restroom not resembling something from the La Brea tar pits."

"Well I'm glad you are happy with your BM's boys. Such a relief." the cashier sarcastically chirped, interrupting their not so private TMI session.

"Can I get a price check on Fiberliscious on Checkstand Six," she barked loudly into the speakerphone, "Price check on Fiberliscious on Checkstand Six, please."

A clerk walked up to her and confirmed the price from a handheld computer. He swiped his debit card.

Glancing at the receipt briefly, she announced to them proudly, "You saved 32% with your savers card!"